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This level is designed for professionals who are just beginning their career. Ideal for school leavers who are preparing for a job search.

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This level is designed for professionals who have both theoretical and practical knowledge in the industry.

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This is the third certification level designed for professionals who have significant experience in the industry. 

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This is the first executive-level certificate for professionals with rich experience and high level of education only.

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This is the highest level designed for professionals with extensive experience and the highest level of education.

Welcome To


Welcome to European Professional Certification Agency – EPCA community! You are in the right place if you wish to add value and add credibility to your education and work experience through our professional certification programs.

Being a part of the EPCA community, you can benefit from networking with people of the same interest at some of our professional development events and find tons of opportunities that are usually not publicly available. Finally, do not miss the chance to nominate those who spent their lives serving your community and working for the sake of all of us.

Online Certification Programs

Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual to assure qualification and competencies to perform a job or task. All our certification programs are 100% online, time-limited and require re-certification, i.e. renewal to ensure ongoing education to remain competitive and up-to-date on advancements in the field and/or industry. We invite you to explore the certification programs below and choose one which suits your professional needs best.

Marketing Management Certification

Human Resources Management Certification

Strategic Management Certification

Financial Management Certification

Hospitality Management Certification

Tourism Management Certification

Non-Profit & Public Sector Management Certification

Chief Executive Officer  Certification  


Do not let bright minds and extraordinary professionals remain unnoticed. We are proud to be part of every community and to reward people whose achievements and accomplishments deserve to be noticed. You can nominate successful business people, entrepreneurs, professors, researchers, politicians, students.


Training tries to improve employees’ performance in the current job and prepares them for future job. It is also essential for an organization’s success since it encourages personal growth, promotes safety and health, creates opportunities for career development, improves productivity and profitability, and so on. Training is an investment – not an expense. We offer you a number of different programs, which can be taken one by one or grouped in a week training.


EPCA offers many opportunities to potential partners. You can benefit from networking with us in terms of growing your organisation’s market presence in the fast transforming business world. Partnering with EPCA is possible through our Centres (ACC and ATC), organisation of different events, research and consulting. In all cases, we welcome your initiative and look forward to learning more about you.

We Strongly Recommend

EPCA supports its network organisations through promoting their activities as well. Besides, we take every opportunity to bring closer to you the events that could be useful for your life-long learning. EPCA takes this opportunity to recommend you ARICon conferences organised worldwide. ARICon is an international organization for Research and Development located in Australia and UK. Click to visit ARICon

EPCA Conference

European Professional Certification Agency (EPCA) is looking forward to welcoming marketing and management professionals to Madrid from the 20th to the 22nd of July 2018 for the EPCA International Conference on Marketing and Management.

This year’s conference theme is Together Towards Better Future – wishes and possibilities.

EPCA Seminar

Organisational learning is the process of acquiring knowledge and utilising information to adapt successfully to changing circumstances. It is equally important and beneficial for both, the employee and the organisation. Life in knowledge-based economy and environment makes us all devote our free time, not to leisure but continuous improvement. The seminar on Organizational Learning and Professional Development will help you better understand these processes and maintain your competitiveness.