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Accredited Certification Centre (ACC)

Accredited Certification Centre is primarily suitable for HE institutions. Through recognised courses, HE institutions can offer students EPCA professional certification without taking any exams.

For example, students who complete a bachelors degree (on an approved programme of study) will be eligible to get an Associate Professional cetification.

Students who complete a master’s degree will be eligible to get a Senior Professional certification.

Being certified will improve your students’ job prospects and further Life Long Learning.  Moreover it will improve the image of your institute thus attracting more and better quality students.

As an accredited certification centre you will benefit from:

  • Curriculum Enrichment
  • Improved Student Employability
  • Positive Impact on Student Recruitment
  • Corporate Image
  • International Recognition
  • Display EPCA’s accreditation logo on your website, printed documents and in your advertising
  • Students get dual certificates (both from your institute as well as EPCA)
  • Participating in EPCA events (such as deans & directors conference, annual EPCA conference, EPCA training programme for faculty, etc.)

Becoming an EPCA Accredited Certification Centre

To become an Accredited Certification Centre you will go through the following Accreditation Process: 

Step 1. Application Fill in the application form,  attach requested documents and submit your application

Step 2. Evaluation The Commission conducts an off-site review of the submitted application documents. If need be, the Commission may ask for additional documents to be filed. The commission reviews and validates all documents and makes a recommendation to the Board. 

Step 3. Accreditation upon successful completion of off-site review, EPCA will conduct a campus visit.  Upon acceptance a centre will be accredited for 1 to 5 years depending on the outcome of the accreditation process.  The centre will need to go through a re-accreditation process before completion of the accredited time period.

As an Accredited Certification Center, your institute will be approved to grant EPCA certificates for pre-approved courses and degree programmes.  If your institute wishes to add additional degrees and programmes, an application for additional certification will need to be made.

EPCA may occasionally conduct routine unannounced on-site inspections for accredited members.


Step 1. Application When submitting the application form, you will need to pay Euro 500 as an application fee.

Step 2. Evaluation After getting approval from stage 1, EPCA will need to conduct a campus visit.  The applicant institute will need to pay Euro 3,000 as the fees for EPCA site visit.  The applicant institute will also need to make appropriate accommodation, and local transportation available to the assessor(s) during the visit.

Step 3. Accreditation As an approved centre, you will need to pay the annual fee of Euro 1,500 for the first year and Euro 3,000 for each of the following years.