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Senior Professional in Human Resources Management

Last updated: 30/09/2019

Topics to be covered

The same as in the previous Levels PLUS

  • Diversity in Organizations
  • Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
  • Emotions and Moods
  • Personality and Values
  • Perception and Individual Decision Making
  • Motivation Concepts
  • Motivation: From Concepts to Applications
  • Foundations of Group Behavior
  • Understanding Work Teams
  • Communication

AND questions based on experience

Certification Program Materials

We recommend the following literature: 1) Human Resource Management (13th edition) by Gary Dessler, 2) Organizational Behaviour (any edition) by Stephen P. Robbins (and co-authors). Please, note that you do not have to buy or use these books. You can get any book(s) from any university and any author. It is only important that all required topics be covered. We encourage you to explore literature and read as many books as you can.

Certification Program Content