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Networking with EPCA

European Professional Certification Agency® (EPCA) offers many opportunities to potential partners. You can benefit from networking with us in terms of growing your organisation’s market presence in the fast transforming business world.

Why connecting with us?

  • Networking opportunities and connections by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people/ organisations and potential clients and/or customers,
  • Increased organisational confidence,
  • New business opportunities and boosted revenue,
  • Shared knowledge and experience and continuous learning process allowing you to gain new knowledge while interacting with others,
  • If you are an educational institution, you will help your students understand the importance of LLL and help them get noticed on the market.
  • Delegate your experts to participate in different EPCA teams.

Partnering with EPCA is possible through EPCA Centres (Accredited Certification Centre – ACC and Approved Training Centre – ATC) available for universities, colleges, institutes and course providers. ACC/ATC support EPCA in organising certification and training programs. Individuals are welcome to apply and become EPCA trainers.  No application fees, no franchise required. You are welcome to contact us, and we will get back to you within three working days.

We are also open to all other proposals such as organising different events, research and consulting. In all cases, we welcome your initiative and look forward to learning more about you.