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Re-certification benefits you as a professional. Your certification is valid for one year. To get re-certified you have to demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and development. Life Long Learning (LLL) is crucial for every individual to remain competitive. For re-certification, you have to attend at least one seminar OR conference OR webinar OR online course OR any other type of formal or informal professional development program/training, regardless the duration (can be a one-day program OR a one-week training OR term OR semester etc.). It is up to you what program to choose and your personal choice. There are cheap or even free learning options available online that you can take advantage of. You are welcome, but you are not obliged to attend events organised by EPCA or our networking partners.

Re-certification process can be started at any time. After the Audit committee reviews your documents and if you meet all requirements, you will receive within 15 working days an email with a new certificate. Please, note that you do not need to take the exam again

To re-certify, you have to fill out the online re-certification form, upload proof of LLL activity that you had (one is enough) and pay re-certification fee.